Wednesday, October 8, 2008

its still Latino Heritage Month

I don't think I have any readers. But fuck it, I read my own shit. And I thoroughly enjoy it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

twice in one day

I know that's a bit extreme. But I was overwhelmed with emotion and passion for the topic at hand.

how does one become a fashionista?

like seriously. why are some people "blessed" with their ability to dress? and i consider sweatpants that don't smell that bad to be a really good fashion day. when did everyone decide that wearing those scarves with a t-shirt makes you look super cool? and that v-neck shirts on guys that expose the chesticle hairs are really attractive? like seriously. when. forreal though. someone tell me. why girls wear pumps to class and why animal print came back into style with a vengeance? tell me why people wear full make up and their hair is perfect at 815 am monday morning. how does one make mismatching an art? cause where i come from, my momma took pride in making me match. im just saying. i cant disrespect my mommy by undoing everything she's done for me and throwing it in her face by mixing plaid with tweed among other ridiculous patters and names for fabric styles. and when did it become okay to not wear pants before you left the house? cause last time i checked... people need pants.

i wish i could dress like that. but it all looks so expensive. so guys, everyone out there. this is a
public service announcment:

I cannot afford style. Forgive me. It's a damn shame. and where does everyone learn how to do cool things with their hair? i missed that class. so since my socio-economic background does not allow me the opportunity to dress as delicious as my spirit is... i'll settle for asking questions that no one will answer.

i just want to know. thanks. and if you happen to be smelling a poem... don't worry cause i do too.

chinese food tastes better when you wear sweatpants all day and haven't showered since last night. it really does. too much information for you? i don't care. take that society!

Ode to A Fine Frenzy

Last night I definitely achieved a milestone in this writing thing I happen to do whenever the moment compels me. Yes folks, a milestone. Like shaving off a second of your 100m time. That kind of dope milestone. 

I wrote my first collaborative piece with the lovely Brandi. So we sat down and rapped about somethings. Threw some words in the atmosphere, bonded about our love of Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillat and A Fine Frenzy. That bond got put on paper. And neither of us knew how exactly this whole collab thing words but we made it work. I schpealed, she schpealed... we schpealed together. And there it went. A poem titled "A Fine Frenzy" featuring the chorus of Almost Lover. We took that seed of an idea and ran with it. So Big Ups to my new Boo. cause also we fell in love. it's what happens when people write together. 

I also got inspired to write this poem about culture. Every poet needs a culture piece and I think I got mine. So lets hope its as banging on paper as it is in my head. There's also the prospect of some more collabs in my future. So my future is shinin' like word. 

I think if people verbalized their thought process more during daily acitvities, imagine the hypeness that people would just be radiating. It'd be on some next shit. Mad Ill. the time we were writing we were thinking outloud and working out the lines verbally and it kept the adrenaline flowing. which makes me think of what sex would be like if people employed that method. well maybe that's what dirty talk is. whatever the point is, im digressing. if we appreciated the moments as they were happening then the moments could be so much better. 

I've felt that lately my life has been falling into place. Falling being the improper word simply cause it's more being carefully placed into place and falling makes it sound like it's haphazardly happening and I personally don't leave my life to chance that much. But yes, my life has been setting itself into place lately little by little. I feel like I'm able to start thinking about breathing again. Like my inhale can start to exhale and I can get some new atmosphere into my system. I'm letting go of things that don't deserve to be held and I'm holding on to myself before anything else. I'm branching out folks.

Courtesy of CNN: Barack Obama leads in National Poll. check it out folks. 56% to McCain's 45%. PS: you know America's in trouble when one decides to attack someone else on the basis of terroristic intentions and connections. Thats what we call some bullshit folks. I love this country and the idea of a meritocracy. Make me choose you cause you're better not because the other is "worse". 

Throwback tidbit: a clause in her contact said theyd pay for her education. so she's a doctor now. anyone wanna give me a record deal?
Roxanne Shante: 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And so October is here.

And the rent is due. I still need to pay it but thankfully I have the money. So I realized something today about myself. I am constantly avoiding things I think are bad without knowing if they are bad or not. I could have phrased that way more articulately but for the sake of me not caring, screw it. Example: My parents have been trying to get into contact with me for two weeks. And I either ignore the call or don't pick up and I don't call back. Finally today I got this feeling of actually calling them. So my papi called me at 820 and I was in class so I didn't pick up. But I did something out of character and I called him as soon as I got out. What was the phone call about? Nothing. They just missed me and they were worried. My dad also was going to come up this past weekend but since I didn't pick up no visit. Lord knows I needed to see mi Papi.

So this brings me to one of my many thoughts of the day: Why do people avoid confrontation? I think it has to do with individuals accepting their own blame. Confronting issues always bring the possibilities that your own indiscretions are going to be brought to light and who wants to realize that sometimes as a person they suck? No one. Yeah that's right. No one. Hence people rather do the run around for weeks then actually get to the point. Think about it. Had I just picked up the phone two weeks ago, I would have seen my dad this past weekend and I wouldn't have been stressing about getting yelled at seeing as how I didn't get yelled out.

I don't really understand this blog thing but I feel like the purpose is to enlighten whatever readers I may or may not have.

I think it's only right that given the political nature of America nowadays, I should include some of my own political insight. And this brings me the most important conclusion of this post: people 18 to 24 are the least represented. We get so caught up in our own lives that we forget that we have a duty as citizens of this country. You don't vote, you have no right to complain. We, being in this age group, are constantly having decisions made for us and this is the time we are learning to break out of them. So let's take control of our lives at least in this one aspect. No matter who you vote for Obama or Mccain. But please keep in mind that the President should be representative of the people, not out of date and genuinely caring. He should always remember that the power is in our hands and we're electing him for the betterment of our lives not his own personal agendas. Another point for minorities (women included): remember those who died and fought for our right to vote. Please don't disrespect that struggle. With that I leave two quotes:

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber - Plato

Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody. - Franklin Pierce Adams

Vote for change however you define it. And Lina baby this is for you:If I can't wear my sticker on November 4th then my blog is going to be all "campaigned" out. Also please keep in mind everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine includes endorsing who I think is the better candidate. Before you vote do your research.

I'm the Queen of Digression. Productive but Digression none the less.