Monday, October 6, 2008

twice in one day

I know that's a bit extreme. But I was overwhelmed with emotion and passion for the topic at hand.

how does one become a fashionista?

like seriously. why are some people "blessed" with their ability to dress? and i consider sweatpants that don't smell that bad to be a really good fashion day. when did everyone decide that wearing those scarves with a t-shirt makes you look super cool? and that v-neck shirts on guys that expose the chesticle hairs are really attractive? like seriously. when. forreal though. someone tell me. why girls wear pumps to class and why animal print came back into style with a vengeance? tell me why people wear full make up and their hair is perfect at 815 am monday morning. how does one make mismatching an art? cause where i come from, my momma took pride in making me match. im just saying. i cant disrespect my mommy by undoing everything she's done for me and throwing it in her face by mixing plaid with tweed among other ridiculous patters and names for fabric styles. and when did it become okay to not wear pants before you left the house? cause last time i checked... people need pants.

i wish i could dress like that. but it all looks so expensive. so guys, everyone out there. this is a
public service announcment:

I cannot afford style. Forgive me. It's a damn shame. and where does everyone learn how to do cool things with their hair? i missed that class. so since my socio-economic background does not allow me the opportunity to dress as delicious as my spirit is... i'll settle for asking questions that no one will answer.

i just want to know. thanks. and if you happen to be smelling a poem... don't worry cause i do too.

chinese food tastes better when you wear sweatpants all day and haven't showered since last night. it really does. too much information for you? i don't care. take that society!


Christina said...

Dont be redonkulous. Style is not about money. You can be stylish with a trashbag. It's all about wearing what you want. What makes it work is confidence.

Lets go shopping!!!

Tayarisha Poe said...

agreeing with tina. and people who look like everyone else don't tend to have the confidence to look different. that's not stylish.

i love.

also why the hell haven't i seen you yet.

Choir Boy said...

Word. I agree with the mildly smelly sweatpants comment. I'm not big on fashion even though I went to high school with a bunch of kids from Harlem who made fashion more of a priority than eating and they absolutely had no influence on me.

Windbreaker sweatpants, a hoody, and sneakers that still have the sole in tact is a good day for me. I applaud those who can dress, "fashionably", everyday.....even in the rain.....

And I really don't like those polka dot/striped rain boots.

Lyrical Laureate said...

"so since my socio-economic background does not allow me the opportunity to dress as DELICIOUS as my spirit is..."

lol, i like...