Monday, April 6, 2009

my recent obsession

I would always watch those shows that featured really girly girls that take a million hours to do their make up. I mean, the girls who said they would wake up an extra hour early to get ready for school. I was never that growing up. I liked sleep, and I was very low maintenance, still am. But something in me changed a few weeks ago. And I discovered make-up. Granted, I always had some make up. Mostly just foundation, eyeliner and chapstick. That was my arsenal. Sometimes I had eyeshadow but always in neutrals. I never thought I could wear crazy colors and what not. I also never saw the point. 

People are quick to say, oh she wears make up, I bet she's not confident in her appearance. I believe the opposite. Well for some women. I like my face, I think I have a pretty fly face. And I put on make up to bring out the things I want to. My face with make up and without make up looks pretty much the same. And I like it like that.

I discovered MASCARA. every magazine always says mascara is that one thing you should always have. never understood why. now I do. it really does bring out your eyes. that with a little blush and i'm pretty good to go. oh yeah, I also discovered blush. 

I also discovered the need for brushes. You can't have the paints and no tools. It just doesn't work that way. I don't put on make up every day. I think that's a bit too much. But I appreciate it and what it does. Given recession, I haven't been able to tear up Sephora. But one day I will. Till then Rite-Aid, CVS and Walgreens are just fine. But there are somethings I just have to splurge on. And I'm okay with that.

There's something to be said about a woman who pays attention to her appearance. You don't have to go all out but as you grow up, you learn to take pride in what you look like. So before when I was younger, I'd be getting ready for a date and I'd take 20 minutes. But now, I enjoy the process of pampering myself, and I take my time. Every day we do things for other people, but getting ready and prepared for the day should be your time. So take as long as you need. 

A blank canvas can be as beautiful as a fully painted one, we're just going to need things to be intentional. Be yourself with conviction and confidence. And when you can, a little make up never hurt anybody. =]



J_Fresh said...

lol. I like this one, cute :)

Rea. said...

i so agree with you. i was the same way - then something happened - like the flick of a switch. I love mascara - just getting into blush but mineralized foundation, and a wide array of eye colors is great - also a nice lip color :n)