Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i wrote this today. i felt hurt. and needed it to leave my inner aura before it wreaked some havoc. i was told it was emasculating. im not a man basher. i think men are beautiful. but when you act like less of a man, expect someone to let you know you messed up. 

I’ve been trying to figure out what to say to you
How to properly say
That I think you are an embarrassment to men
But I don’t want to come off sounding bitter
I am not a woman scorned
Just a heart bruised
So I don’t want you to read this 
And think I’m some kind of bitch
I’m only reacting to you
If you’re the cause realize then your effects
I don’t think this comes out of anger:
But people like you deserve to be lonely
You get emotion handed to you on a silver platter
Taste test to your ego’s content 
And then discard
I wonder if you have a heart sometimes
And you say 
You have been bruised and wounded
By a woman in your past
Everything is bigger in texas
Including the heartbreak
And you look into my eyes just to see your own reflection
And my tears can’t help you see yourself clearly
Neither will your two pairs of glasses
And I implore
Does your love of movies come from the fact
That reality is too good for you
Cause when the movie ends so do your feelings
Does your soul even have a purpose?
You won't find a conscience
in your sneakers' soles
And I know
You probably think I’m being dramatic
I think your heartless
You tell me stories of your past
The kind of man you used to be
But I thought
People grow up with age
You however have regressed
You are a boy in man’s clothing
And I am no one’s babysitter
A woman believed in you
Believed you deserved the things she wanted to give you
And you used her.
I hope you end up lonely. 
You claim she turned into an asshole
But your past relationship
just ran rampant and dominated my space
you should have known better than to take it seriously
So now I think you're just a joke
And when you sat in bed
Proclaiming how you used me
I laughed.
Stupidity is funny sometimes.
Denial is hilarious.
Especially coming from you
Scared insecure little boy
You clung to me
Held me and asked me to protect you
From the dangers of the world
But no amount of cuddling 
could save you from yourself
I don't know who unleashed you to the world
But just because you're quiet
and just because we were never that "serious"
just because you were not attached
doesn't reduce the disgust associated with your actions
Women take heed
This thing pretending to be a man
Is no good.

if you have a good woman in your presence, feel blessed. 
you wouldn't disrespect God and she deserves that same treatment.


Muze said...




this is very eloquent pain spilled out beautifully.

"you won't find a conscience in your sneaker's soles.."


i shall return. :)

hope all is well!

I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

"And you look into my eyes just to see your own reflection
And my tears can’t help you see yourself clearly"

i really felt this.
your words reveal your strength.
pain won't have victory over you sis.


D. said...

In my book all women are queens. Just know that. That is a fact. Peace Out.

RocNaija said...

I love that last quote on the end..