Tuesday, June 23, 2009

where has my childhood gone?

so i definitely have diagnosed myself with insomnia. i haven't slept in over 24 hours. argh. but anyway. i've rediscovered songs from my childhood and early adolescence and let me tell you: those were the great days. 

the songs that brought back nostalgia:

Jordan Knight - Give it to you (i definitely had NO idea what the hell this song was about... after listening this was definitely so inappropriate) oh i love Darren Dance Grooves

Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You

Christina Millian - AM to PM and Dip It Low (i've been feeling very dip it low pick it up slow lately)

Dream - He Loves U Not (oooh these girls were trying get me to fight some heifer over a man at a young age...best part of the song was the latina chick when she sings... i can always spot a latina.)

LFO - Girl on TV (oh how i wanted to be this girl though i had no idea what scooby snacks had to do with this song and its premise....)

Tatyana Ali - Day Dreaming (my sister when she was younger was a spitting image of Tatyana Ali)

Eden's Crush - Get Over Yourself (Nicole Sherudfhvdbfi you peaked too soon.) oh my favorite song was love this way ....at one point i listened to it twice a day every day for 6 months

S Club 7 - Natural (yes they're best season was when they were in Miami and Rachel was my favorite)

Natalie Imbruglia - Torn (let me tell you guys... i still remember the VH1 Pop Up Video to this)

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply ( i was like 8 years old thinking this was going to be my wedding song... mind you I didn't really understand it... but I clearly had good taste)

Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby (was the reason i was itching to go to a sleepaway camp... sadly i never went...but i did go to boarding school)

i think thats all for today. i just love that i always had great taste in music. =]

starting the day of with a smile


I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

throwback. lol.

i loved that dream track so much. i was bumping that song with all my Destiny's Child music. lol

and that AM to PM video was one of my favorites.

J_Fresh said...

WOW!!! That made me feel old b/c I was def in HS for most of that and def hardcore into Hip Hop and rap/metal hybrid. remember that?! Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park all f-ing day! lol.