Wednesday, June 17, 2009

even detachment is a process

I realized today that this BOY i've been dedicating so much undeserved time to... has been using me for the past few months. he told me today. so i'm done. i think i feel a little broken. and im tired of that feeling. so i'm going to enjoy my own company, love myself till i'm unbroken. i told him that i refuse to have him turn me into a bitch the way that some girl who broke his heart turned him into an asshole. to my future love (if i'm meant to have one)... i won't do that to you. i will try to be a pure hearted as i can for you. my past has no place in the future.

my biggest fear in life is to be alone. to wind up lonely. and given my luck sometimes i feel like i'm just destined for it. destined to live out my worst fear. maybe thats why i can't sleep at night. 

angels said i'd smile today.. oh well who needs angels anyway?

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I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

"This too shall pass"

don't fret. a time will come where you'll be on the other side of these occurrences. and you'll actually be thankful for them.