Sunday, June 21, 2009

my pieces of flair

I was thinking about this today:

1. I always carry a toothbrush with me. Not one of those travel sized ones but like an actual toothbrush. In my purse. I never know where the night will end up for me but I know that the morning should always include my toothbrush. 

2. I feel absurdly naked without earrings. I can be completely dressed up, hair done, make up done but I will be incomplete without earrings. My standard: gold or silver hoops. The older I got the bigger the hoops have gotten hence I can't sleep with them though I always attempt to and then middle of the night it's gone. 

3. I hate feet. But I like guys who have good feet. But I don't want their feet touching me ever. This makes cuddling a bit awkward but I just do not like feet. But I love my own feet. 

4. I give points to people. If a person does something good that I approve of, I'll say something like oh you get two points for that. If a person does the opposite, I'd deduct points... what these points amount to is still unknown. BUT it gives people a sense of purpose. Like maybe one day they can redeem their points for something. 

5. People make fun of me for the things I say. I have a lot of particular vernacular. I'd be the one to put juxtaposition and thumbs down in the same sentence. I don't say things like cool beans but I do say things like gnarly. And I say it pretty frequently. I do have an amazing vocabulary and people are just hating on it. 

6. Pet Peeves: when people think someone is always wrong with them. when people sing the wrong words to a song. really heavy doors. people who think poetry is just def poetry jam. 

no one should be okay with being boyfriend number 2. and girls if you have a boyfriend number 2... you're just being greedy some of us are struggling to get boyfriend number 1. 

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I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

#6 made me laugh out loud.
my mom purposefully sings the wrong words to songs...hahahahaha.