Sunday, June 28, 2009

BET awards

these are some of the tweets and statuses during the BET awards: 

oh no diddy. seriously. plugging ciroc during jamie foxx's song. hot mess. that plus live autotune. bafoonery.

big ups to travis barker.

Dear BET, 1. Soulja Boy is best left on as a pre-show performer (if that) and 2. NOT EVERYONE DESERVES THEIR OWN SHOW. bafoonery. thanks, management

Dear BET, I know it's a recession but can we at least get a speed through of the the nominees? i like to laugh at the losers. thanks, management

best part of beyonce's performance? getting rid of the shoulder pad extravaganza she had going on. worst part? the rest of it.

Dear BET, Zoe Saldana is actually Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario. and she's Dominican. WE ARE NOT LETTING YOU CLAIM HER. SHE'S OURS. thanks, latino management

Dear BET, I don't appreciate the Jamie Foxx concert I'm watching. thanks, management.

BBD (Bell Biv Devoe) = Amazing

Ciara... we don't like you for your singing. just dance.

 about time Jay-Z came on. maybe he brought a hairbrush or comb for Beyonce.

 this is the first BET awards since Obama got elected and there has been no mention of it. a few months and its already old news... hmmph

Dear BET, next year just have the awards at a cookout. sincerely, ode and management.

Wyclef gets a million cool points for being a loving dad and wife with his shout out.

Jamie Foxx definitely gave up hosting the BET awards. i blame it on the alcohol.

Drake. id appreciate it if you sang live. we are not on MTV's Unplugged... get up from that damn stool and move. and everyone stop making songs that curse so much and it just sounds like one long dramatic pause when BET censors it.

Dear Millz, we do not scream out "Papi" every time black men deep end. Thanks, Management [the everygirl song by young money]

two more things i fell in love with Trey Songz, he is delicious looking. but the BET awards gets such a thumbs down. Jamie Foxx promoting himself was over the top. We get it. You're on tour. We get it. Shush. 

shaking my head.


I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

lol. these are hilarious.

i left the room when solja boy performed.

my highlights were the O'Jays tribute/BBD/Guy/Janet/Baby Boy reunion.

No said...

this is hysterical from one writer to another i'll share



Brittany Ashley said...

LMAO! I have made a pledge to myself never to watch the awards again after that HOT MESS. Gee, I had such high expectationz since last year was great...turns out :-/ lol
AND why were those lil ass girls dancin on stage during every girl? WTF? lol they should of never performed the song in the first place....BET major thumbs down!!!

J_Fresh said...

Bet = Black Evil Television