Sunday, September 27, 2009


remember those days before facebook was such a big deal. i was thinking about it before and facebook is huge. think about it. 

example 1: the act of unfriending someone. talk about the ultimate diss. this action reads as "you aren't even good enough to know my religious views or the quirky things i put as my status" or "i dont want people to know that we are mutual friends". that's intense

example 2: the moment you put in a relationship. the questions start pouring in. or people start to "like" it and you're like who are you. i dont know you but you "like" my relationship.

i miss the days when my life was based on being social as opposed to based on social networks. 

don't worry twitter. i will blog about you too.

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Anonymous said...


Good thing I've been single for years. No need for anyone to "like" my relationship. LMAO.