Tuesday, September 29, 2009


twitter has allowed me to be funny and concise. people are too lazy to read. and actually interact. fuck punctuation and proper spelling.

*that was 136 characters. and i still had 4 characters left over.

the point being: the reason i like twitter is because my wit manifests itself in clever and quirky and sarcastic one liners. that's my charm. and it also allows me to write as many random thoughts as they pop up. and you know what? people don't judge it, they embrace it. if i said everything i thought in real life, people would judge. granted part of me wouldn't care, i usually don't pay attention to people's thoughts of me. but still they would judge.

bad point about twitter: no one has conversations it seems. AIM has been rendered useless by facebook and twitter and it's a shame. cause AIM was pretty impersonal to begin with. everyone just wants you to get straight to the point, no backstory, no explanation just state your point and let the world respond.

good point about twitter: trending topics let me know whats going on with the world. its Obama is a trending topic then I know he's probably giving a speech somewhere so I should tune in. if the Giants are a trending topic then I know there's a game and I should tune in. if #uknowurawhore is a trending topic then I know someone somewhere is a whore and does not know it though i hope they aren't finding out through twitter. cause that's a shame.

on that note, follow me on twitter @mespi5

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Ana Laura said...

I want to read your quirky one-liners, so i'll follow you... mind, i'm not a fan of twitter - or facebook, for that matter - but your post has opened my eyes to that simple truth about twitting.