Monday, May 25, 2009

missing you

recap of the weekend: I ended up in Delaware. Gotta love life sometimes. I mean, my sister Mel gave me some advice that I'm going to relay to all my single people. She has a boyfriend and she's super happy and I was complaining to her about being single and she told me "you're young. and you're single. those two together are perfect. just love life." and I've been keeping that to heart. so when things present themselves and I'm not quite sure about it, I do it anyway. I want to have as little amount of regrets in my life. And people always end up regretting the things they didn't do then those things they actually did. So with that being said, I was in Delaware with my sisters and it was phenomenal. Going to DE reminds me why I love being me and being around these women. They are a blessing. It was just a great random spontaneous time. The way summers should be when you're young, single and happy. 

sooo I'm going to explain this title... which was not my suggestion. It was boy's suggestion. So I don't think I've painted a correct picture of him. Boy is awkward. Socially awkward, not emotional, a little bit rigged and stiff, tends to refrain for talking to me in public, doesn't engage in PDA public displays of attention (boy hardly talks to me in public assuming we're going out somewhere which we don't so by public I mean the elevator) he's peculiar and has his own multitude of habits that I seemingly weave into my life to adapt to him (women and our accommodating nature... sheesh)..... so my trip to DE was super spontaneous. I got there at 5am Saturday morning after a party I had gone to Friday night. And I usually spend all my night time with dude watching movies. He gets chinese food, I pick a bad movie, we start watching the bad movie, he hates the bad movie, judges me and picks a really good movie that I complain about so he puts back the bad movie to make me happy and then we knock out. Good routine. But I was in DE and it was with no notice. So let me tell you I come back Sunday night, and he tells me that he missed me, and he's smiling cause he's so happy to see me. We're laying and watching the movie and he goes "I missed you" and then he turns away and says Oh my God to himself because apparently he hasn't missed someone in a long time. we'll duh, it's me! I'm freaking awesome. but besides the point. I told him I was going to blog about it and I needed a title, and he suggested the one above. so that's the story.

I'm performing at some event thing on thursday. and i have a rehearsal tomorrow. and i have no apparent clue what I'm going to perform. and i have to have this memorized wowzers. I'm a winner. hopefully someone can record me performing. cause honestly, there's no footage of me performing and I'd really like some. so that I can just add it to a portfolio of sorts. it'd be cool if people could go to youtube, look me up and be like yo she's dope. because for the record, there are amazing poets in the world who aren't on def poetry or brave new voices... so if these are your standard of poetry, go to the streets, to the communities, to the people and hear them. and then make your choices. not saying that def poetry or BNV aren't good, it just sucks when people think that's all there is or that you're not good if you aren't in either of those arenas.

i'll probably post up later. i've been in a blogging mood. 

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