Sunday, August 2, 2009

how to push my buttons

I hate it when people ask me if I know something or did a particular activity during my childhood, when I say no... they get all kinds of offended and act shocked. Yes, I did grow up in America but my household was completely Dominican and Latino in every sense of the word. I didn't know english until i was 7. so why would you think that me and you have the same kind of pop culture references in our past? most things about American childhoods, i've learned as i've gotten older. i grew up with Sabado Gigante, telenovelas and very strict rules. I didn't watch American TV because i didn't understand it, except for Barney. he was my dude! and the Big Comfy Couch, everything else. leave me alone. argh. i hate that.

yes i'm having an AIM conversation where someone got offended cause i had no idea what Tron was. i called him an ass. and i didn't even give do him a favor by googling it. 

ticked off,


Mighty Mouse said...

Tron is actually kind of a nerd thing. And before our time anyway. I only found out what it was recently, and I'm Captain America. Well, maybe not Captain America, but I definitely have red white and blue spandex.

Jason said...


hb said...

what is tron?? lmao..
i grew up in an entirely ethiopian household, so my american music background is just... way way off.
ha i feel you! lol