Saturday, August 8, 2009

pushup contest. i win. im a beast.

i went to costco's today with my mom and dad. it was a cute little family bonding trip. its crazy how little things like that just make you feel like more of a family. i noticed today that my parents are getting older. their memory is slower and typical of aging folk. i feel bad. so i've decided to avoid arguing with them. though it's not like i ever mean to. but they're just so cute. i can't bear to give them any more gray hairs.

Boo said I don't blog enough. wacktastic. so i had to post this.

Update on my 30 day challenge:
it's going pretty well. i've been keeping up with my poems, being consistent. and i'm coming up with some dope lines. and some cool concepts. i got 23 more days to go. hopefully i continue with my consistency. 

excuse me while my heart attacks,

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