Saturday, August 8, 2009

poetry challenge

these are some of the poems that i've done since the start of august.

this was day 1

Stockholm Syndrome

He doesn’t know how to hold a rape victim
And I haven’t learned
How to not wear shoes to bed
Bruised labias can only kiss the scars on his ego for so long
We play pretend
Make believe instead of love
No one teaches us how to love scars
Instead we learn to cover blemishes with make up
And he learned to cover me in bed sheets
While I made up excuses to stay
He would get mad at me when I said no
Wrinkle up the space between his eyes with disappointment
Step out of the room
Expecting me to leave by the time he returned
He wouldn’t kiss me after sex
Just let me lay there
Step out of the room
Expecting me to leave by the time he returned
I always left
And like women too scared to go to precincts smelling like him
I sat
In corners of bathtubs
Drowning in self-pity 
I scrubbed like skin was just a collection of bad memories
He always said I smelled nice
I knew I smelled like lies
But I always said thank you
I felt like less of a woman
Every time I sunk into his mattress

day 3

flowers are meant to grow in gardens
there is nothing beautiful
about your captivity, dear
and i'm tired of having
to look so hard for your good parts
Baby, your petals are wilting
and it's getting harder 
for me to look at you.
i just want to give you kisses
sweet like sugar
and if only you would let me,
your roots would be free
to sleep in earth
and peek up at stars.
there are no perks to being a wallflower
just ask moss
they always give direction
but they never go anywhere

day 5

it's a recession
when parents give children
sips of nyquil 
so they can have a moment 
to act like grownups

working job after job
makes free time expensive
they can't afford to be adults
when they have babies
and i feel bad
for parents who have children crawling into bed
beds are banks for dreams
for passions
that they put on hold 
for rainy days and sleepaway camps
they should be allowed
to have one thing 
that's just their own
even if its just an orgasm or two

day 8

he looks good
like the kind of guy
concocted from day dreams
where he's never meant for me
until right before the credits start to roll
he looks good enough to stare at
makes me blush
butterflies in my ventricles
excuse me
while my heart attacks

i'd spend all day kissing him
just to taste his atmosphere

this challenge makes me look forward to the days to come.

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No said...

Each one of these are truly amazing! Stockholm Syndrome (Day 1) is my favorite its a very vivid picture but again they all are beautiful.