Wednesday, July 15, 2009


And because they keep us out of history books

I wonder what Negro spirituals sound like in Spanish

People forget we have them

That we have history

That lies underneath ground cloaked in darkness

And while America has modernized

We still build houses with roofs made out of hay

We still watch children run barefoot

On dirt roads

We still take shits outside

Among the animals

and when we cluster together

through underground networks

of distant relatives

we end up in jobs no one else will do

Do not tell me

That I cannot claim black

It’s just ignorant

We were plucked from African soil too

Genocide killed indigenous kings and queens

There are no graves for them

And no pages for them in history books.

soy Dominicana,



J_Fresh said...

So does this mean I can claim "Latino"?? I get mistaken for Dominican often, lol

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is read Junot Diaz...beneath the cloak is a semblance of culture amongst us...there is an artery of understanding coursing through the flow of our history.

Africa remains a living, breathing presence in both South & Central America....not to mention the archipelago of Islands in the Caribbean.

you origins stretch much further than the spanish tongue...