Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oh karma how i love thee

i won't elaborate too much. but i found out that a guy i used to talk to feels like he is getting played by some new girl he is talking to. and though i never wish anyone harm, karma is always good. hence the reason i dont wish people harm, cause karma really can bite you in the ass. 

note to self: write poem about karma.

random facts about me i've learned to love:
i have facial hair. embarrassing but it's me.
i know i'm about to get my period because i have an uncanny craving for chicharrones (pork rinds) and ice cream.
since going natural i really want someone to just spend the time playing with my hair.
my eyes swell after i cry.
in any chick flick, whenever the girl gets her heart broken, or left/abandoned...i cry. everytime without fail. even if i have seen the movie a million times. 
i want to fall in love but find it hard wanting something i don't believe in anymore.
old habits die hard.
i'm a social networking whore. i love meeting new people and putting myself out there, with boundaries of course.
i have about 200 pictures of myself on my macbook. i don't think its narcissism. i spent years thinking i was ugly and hated pictures. now i'm beautiful and i'll take pictures of myself for my own enjoyment.
i have never written a poem in spanish.
i have terrible stage fright. but i'm not very shy
i have a slight stutter.
i have a short temper. and insane anger issues but i keep them under control for the most part.
i have eczema. on my tummy and my neck. argh it sucks.
i've had a hickey once. never again. and it wasn't even that big or noticeable.
i wish i had a scent. something that i smelled like. as of now it seems to be sweet pea and shea butter/coconut oil. 
since cutting my hair, i'm into makeup and accessories.
i like my feet. but no one else's.
i wish i used my videochat more. 

im quirky.

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