Friday, July 24, 2009

public service announcement

So I just saw something that really bothered me. Lil Bow Wow's twitter. before I get started let me say that I DO NOT follow him but I do follow other people who mentioned it so I went on it. And he was talking about what presumably looks to be about Solange and her decision to cut off all her hair. He was ranting about how women should stop cutting their hair in an attempt to look like men and how he likes long hair and he's so over everyone trying to copy Amber Rose. I have issues with all these statements for varying reason. 7 months ago I cut off my hair. Maybe not a big chop but I cut off layers of relaxed hair in an attempt to free myself and just let go. So I would like to dedicate this post to the men who feel as Bow Wow. Let it be known, we do not cut our hair for you. WE ARE NOT HERE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. So personally I can care less if you don't like short hair, I like my short hair. I am not cutting my hair in an attempt to give the rib that I supposedly borrowed from you some masculinity. Personally Lil Bow Wow you used to have long hair, didn't you? And wouldn't that be a female trait? So stop jocking our shit. Now you cut your hair off and all of a sudden you are alpha male. Solange looks beautiful. I feel like ethnic women are always judged so harshly. Also, I resent that now every time women of color chop their hair off people attribute that to Amber Rose... pause. I knew beautiful black women with no hair on their hair long before Kanye brought her around. It bothers me. Since cutting my hair I have the most confidence I ever had in my life. This is not an attack to women with relaxed hair, I do not judge. But it just bothers me how the standard of beauty hasn't changed and people remained closeminded. If I have one more dude come up to me and asked me why I did this to myself, I'll compose myself and just say because I can. 

its just hair folks. get over yourself


I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

No one is trying to copy Amber Rose. Black women have rocked this cut since the 90s. Pu-lease.

::Daps you up::

Brittany Ashley said...

another THANK YOU! wish u could post this on ur twitter...funny how all of a sudden these celebrities wanna cut their hair as some form of a movement, when there's chicks (like me) who just do it to be free and accept themselves. Or I could be wrong, hopefully these chicks are cutting their hair as a way of embracing their own beauty as ethnic/black women...hopefully.