Wednesday, July 29, 2009

old habits die hard.

i need a new journal. granted my old one isn't finished, its about halfway done. but its uninspiring. but i have no funds to supply my journal habit. my birthday is in a month. maybe i'll ask my brother. 

soft cover.
preferably leather.
brown or black.
texture without design.
no lined paper.


a fresh journal is like crack.


Cindy Juarez Bustillo said...

oh man i havent used a journal in ages....maybe i should start doing it again...

i want to document my inner most thoughts...but i'm always scared someone will find it and not respect my privacy.

No said...

I use a journal it pretty much looks like the one you just described. My issue is finding a good pen I haven't written in my journal for 2 weeks now because I lost my pen I only like a certain type of ink and I’m too lazy to go buy another one as i ahem "acquire" these from my office from time to time alas no good poetry thoughts or organization in the last two weeks. I know what you're thinking If only I'd get my a** to the store then this wouldn’t be an issue. I prefer to look at it this way, If only my job would re supply this wouldn't be MY issue LOL Blessings -No