Wednesday, July 15, 2009


people call me quirky. now i take this to mean i have a lot of nuances be it my vernacular, style of stress, attitude, humor... which makes me think of my beliefs. the things i have held on to no matter what. 

there are three basic things I believe in. 1 is myself. 2 is karma. 3 is the simplicity that lies in everything and how people for varying reasons make them complicated.

i may not believe in God all the time. i would like to but i find myself believing in God when i need something not because i genuinely want to and to me that's not belief, that's selfish. but back to the three i stated. i will always believe in myself. i am all i have. i mean this in the simplest terms. if you take everything away, i'll remain. that idea is the strongest idea someone can have. taken to the extreme it can give you a survivalist mentality and isolate you, but taken in the pure and honest way, it'll make you feel powerful. i believe in karma. the universe has an order, and when you violate that order... the universe will put it back into place. this thought helps me stay away from negativity and away from seeking revenge. like i can forgive and forget because i know that though things have shifted out of place, everything will go back. and lastly... i tend to overcomplicate things. i overthink and overfeel and when i remember that everything can be broken down into simple situations it keeps me in perspective. it lets me breathe.

i think everyone should be able to do a few things to ease stress... let your feet touch grass or sand. when you are standing above nature, you feel more grounded. hold someone's hand, even if it's your own. handwrite a letter. read a book with the intention of finishing it. remember what friendship feels like. let your innocence mature into genuine; everything needs to grow up but growing old and weary is a choice.

breathing youthfully,


J_Fresh said...

you need to read some Don Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle...palabra

Anonymous said...

you are already my twin...lovely for you to be naked with your thoughts.

I remain astonished at how unseeing our eyes are of the simple beauties gracing this universe.

It helps to keep the eyes in one's head open & to always remain, not only simple, but humble.