Wednesday, July 15, 2009

putting a little meat on dem bones

the title is in reference of my blog. ive been a little scarce lately mostly out of laziness. so i apologize for that. its a different kind of laziness. it's not cause i'm bored but mostly cause i'm too lazy to think. for the last few months my thoughts have been occupied by nonsense so now that i'm home and i can take a break from everything, i've given up on thinking. which also explains my hiatus in my poetry. i haven't really been on my poetry game as i should be. i can't even say that because it's not like i'm not up on my game, i haven't been writing period. however for all my lack of substantial writing i have been twittering and changing my facebook status like crazy. which got me to thinking about communication. my friends keep telling me to make a blog. which is funny because clearly i already have one and i play along like i don't. i don't know if i need all the people who know me reading my thoughts and what not. i put my poetry out there but it's different. even though i do feel my poetry is personal and emotional more so than this blog sometimes. they keep telling me to do like a pop culture commentary because when it comes to anything on television, music or the pop culture world that we live in i really do have a comment for everything. so my twitter and status keep getting updated feverishly. people tell me that my updates are hilarious and that they enjoy reading them. but with only a few words to convey a message i'd say communication nowadays is pitiful. people would rather read 140 characters than engage in actual conversation. one of my friends had the audacity to ask why i need another journal if i have a laptop. and i felt like that was a tremendous slap in the face. as a writer i appreciate the beauty of the craft and understand the history. shit if i could use papyrus or a stone tablet, i would. but i can't so i'll be content with a pen and paper. i mean i appreciate the convenience of the computer. and sometimes i do type my poems first but i always make sure to transfer them into a notebook. there is something honest about handwriting. it leaves more of a fingerprint. technology has really changed communication between people. while making us more accessible it has distanced us at the same time. the juxtaposition of those two is incredible. i feel like writing a poem about it. i mean think about it. i have like 1000 "friends" on facebook. people who have access to my pictures, to my frequently updated status, who can send me messages and these boundaries are reciprocated. i have friends from elementary school, my kindergarden class yet we don't really talk. people make plans on facebook and when you don't show up they were like well i facebook invited you. that's not a real invitation but still socially acceptable. and i tell myself that i want to take breaks from facebook and twitter but when i do, i really do lose contact with everyone. it's like i moved to the middle of the rainforest. and the fact that even while sleeping, you miss out on so much its distubring. rifuckingdiculous. 

i wonder what the next innovation is going to be. holograms?


I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

God bless sis.
Not that you need the permission...but an haitus every now and then is needed. take all the time you want mama.


J_Fresh said...

I'm d for the holograms. we're overloaded with too much info. and accessibility. and don't u hate when u have convos in person about something you talked about on ur sites??? its like there is more to the world than that! lol