Monday, July 20, 2009

pack rat

I moved out of my apartment in philly. officially. so i am no longer there. and all my stuff from 4 years of boarding school and 2 years away at college are now in my tiny little room. there seems to be no space. and i started thinking about how much stuff i have accumulated in the past years. and mami wants me to throw a lot of stuff away but i just can't bear it. call me a hoarder, call me a pack rat but even the slightest things hold memories even if i have  no use for them. i have a hard time letting things go that i claim as mine. 

and these things can't come back to be reclaimed, once i throw them out... our paths will be separate. so this  entry is dedicated to the random teddy bear, the old nail polish, the earring with no backing and no pair... you will be missed.

too sentimental,

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